Glenn Zucman operates Sauceda Art in Los Angeles in memory of my cousins Beatrice & Dagoberto Sauceda of Kansas City.

Each grant is for a visual, literary, or performing artist. The piece created with the grant should in some way consider The Art of The Family.

Grant Locations

2022 Kansas City Metro

The 2022 Grant is for an artist in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Lifelong home of Bea & Dag.

2023 Jalisco, Mexico

The 2023 Grant is for an artist in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. The home (Autlan, Jalisco & Guadalajara, Jalisco) of the Perez-Sauceda-Guerrero-Tovar-Jimenez families.

2024 Poland

The 2024 Grant is for an artist in Poland. Home of my father’s parents Sam Zucman (Zucmanski) & Sarah Duke (Dukelski)

2025 Ukraine

The 2025 Grant is for an artist living in, or in exile from, Ukraine. This year the Sauceda Art Grant moves from my personal family to our global family. Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine seems largely due to one madman. Nonetheless, Vladimir Putin is only the latest in a long line of Russian rulers who have tried to erase Ukrainian culture. From Los Angeles, a hemisphere and 10 time zones away, it is hard to imagine the depth of the suffering in Ukraine. Or to do much about it. The Sauceda Art Grant can, at least, make a small contribution to the ongoing art and culture of Ukraine.

2026 Hong Kong or Taiwan

The 2026 Grant is for an artist living in Taiwan, or a Hong Kong artist at home or in exile elsewhere in the world.



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2022 Grant, Kansas City Metro

Standing, center: Juana Perez Sauceda (1894-unknown) Bea & Dag’s mother.
Sitting, center: Jose Guerrero Perez (1900-1981) Juana’s baby brother, and Glenn Zucman’s grandfather.
Also pictured: Maria & Pedro Perez.
Photo: October 1900 (Juana about 6-1/2 years, Jose about 7 months)

2023 Grant, Jalisco, Mexico

Guadalupe “Lou” Perez (center) (1924-2003) (Bea & Dag’s cousin) working as a bellhop at the Hotel Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 1941

2024 Grant, Poland

Cecilia “Sheila” Perez de Zucman (1925-2019) with her father-in-law Sam Zucman (Zucmanski) (about 1888-1960) at his Cigar Stand in Downtown Los Angeles, circa 1950.


Beth Syverson plays Josefina & other compositions by Jose Guerrero Perez (1900-1981) Bea & Dag’s Uncle.

J. G. Perez left these compositions to his children. Managed by his daughter Cecilia “Sheila” Perez de Zucman (1925-2019) who left them to me, her son Glenn Zucman. I present them with a Creative Commons Attribution license.

J. G. Perez was born in 1900 in the city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. At the age of 16, he left to join the Mexican revolution. Shortly thereafter he migrated to the United States. The loss of his leg in a train accident (and thus the loss of the opportunity for long-term employment) combined with a certain wanderlust to keep him and his family constantly on the move. They did seasonal farm work in the Midwest and the West. From 1939 to 1943 he took his wife Josefina and their children to Jalisco where they lived next to the singer Lolita Navarro. Throughout his life, he worked as a musician and arranged music. Sifting through a box of his arrangements in 2001, at least 30 original compositions were discovered. Here are 13 of them.

1. Josefinavocal: Mark Waters
2. Cielo Aztecaone step, 1928
3. Raquelwaltz
4. Lolitatango, 1940
5. Ojitos Negrospolka
6. Emmapaso doble flamenco, 1944
7. Lirio Azulfox trot
8. Flores de Jaliscoone step
9. Evangelinawaltz, 1945
10. Soñandobolero, 1951
11. Noche Alegrepolka
12. Laurawaltz, 1977
13. Noches de Jaliscoserenata
14. Josefinawaltz

Total Time: 39:37

J. G. Perez playing violin on the left. Dancers and other musicians unknown.

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