Sauceda Art Grant 2023 RFP

Sauceda Art Grant 2023 RFP

Noches de Jalisco by Jose Guerrero Perez (1900-1981) Bea & Dag’s Uncle.



The Bea & Dag Sauceda Memorial Grant in the Art of the Family – 2023

For 2023 this grant will be open to artists residing in Jalisco, Mexico.

In memory of my cousins Beatrice (1928-2019) & Dagoberto (1925-2000) Sauceda of Kansas City, I am offering a $4,000 grant for an artist to produce an artwork that in some way explores The Art of The Family. Submissions are welcome in all arts media, including but not limited to:

  • 2D, 3D, Installation, Performance & Participatory Visual Art
  • Choreographic, Musical & Theatrical works
  • Photography, Film, Video, Audio
  • Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Nonfiction
  • Documentary projects & Counterfactual histories in any media

Your Proposal

For your project proposal use any format that suits you:

  • Words
  • Images
  • Video
  • Sketchbook pages
  • and other proposal formats

Your project proposal should include:

  1. A clear sense of the work you plan to accomplish. Projects that “explore” without a priori knowledge of where the investigation will lead are also welcome. A sense of what form such an investigation might ultimately take would be helpful.
  2. Some idea of project needs: art supplies, cast members, etc
  3. Some idea of project budget (you can include paying yourself, travel, research, etc)
  4. A proposed timetable for your project. An initial exhibition/performance/publishing before the end of 2023 would be ideal.
  5. How your project considers the idea of Family
  6. Why you care about this project
  7. A link to your website or other place to see your portfolio

To Submit

  • Video materials – upload to YouTube or Vimeo and email a link
  • Text or Image materials – include in the body of your email
  • Send to:
  • Please add to your approved email address list

Sauceda Memorial Grant – 2023 Timetable

  • Proposals should be received no later than 31 December 2022
  • Jurying will proceed immediately


  • If your project creates physical objects, you own them
  • The copyright to whatever you create is yours
  • You grant Sauceda Art non-exclusive use of photography and other documentation of your project to present on our website, social media, and elsewhere
  • For posters, websites, and other media about your project, please include a small Sauceda Art Logo:
  • As you work through your project please make 4 blog posts on the Sauceda Art website. Your final post can document the completed work, and we are equally interested in process posts showing sketches, rehearsals, drafts, outlines, and your production process.
Guadalupe “Lou” Perez (center) (1924-2003) (Bea & Dag’s cousin) working as a bellhop at the Hotel Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 1941
Flores de Jalisco by Jose Guerrero Perez (1900-1981) Bea & Dag’s uncle, Guadalupe’s father, Glenn Zucman’s grandfather.

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